buchheister® space
designed by Jochen Schmiddem

The futuristic appearance of this horizontally oval curtain-profile with the Y-ceiling bracket and its high quality, reflecting, chrome-plated surface is a real eye catcher.
Technically, the product scores with its excellent runnability. Since the screws are easily within reach, the mounting of the ceiling bracket is very simple. Nonetheless the screws are hidden for a perfect, straight look. But the clou is the multi-usability of the profile. Thanks to its ingenious technology you may use buchheister® space both as one- and doubletrack profile. Therefor you have to turn the profile round.
As onetrack-profile, buchheister® space is optimized for use with wavecurtains, whose smooth drapery perfectly fits the shape of the profile and provides an optical union between profile and curtain.
Presented with the extraordinary ceiling bracket and with an available stock length of up to 600cm, the profile is also suitable for use with heavy fabrics as room divider.
The Y-ceiling bracket is also usable for other curtain-profiles – as well as as a wall bracket, if the profile possesses a rearward mounting-track.

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