BluVISIO is a passive window with an unprecedented floating mullion, combining two different materials – PVC and aluminium – in a completely new way. Thanks to created by us innovative IRMC Technology we have managed to achieve delicate and elegant construction with an incredibly slim central module (14cm), at the same time keeping excellent technical parameters. The stability of the product is obtained thanks to steel reinforcements and unique aluminium sealing strip. This modern design gives us maximal glazing surface in comparison to PVC profiles used in the frame and casement, without a loss of thermal insulation. What is more, the window is equipped with two handles that can both be opened simultaneously. Hinges and condensate drainage system are hidden in order to keep a minimalistic, classic look. IRMC Technology makes it possible to achieve remarkably thin section bonds and gaskets soft in corners. But what is even more important to us, it maximally optimizes the production in a way that industrial waste is minimized– being environmentally friendly is one of our priorities.

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