Exquisite frameless modern design, looks best with today’s decoration. Uniform design element and elegant curve surface. Tough thermoplastic housing shrugs off impacts and is scratch proof. Ergonomic design for comfortable and intuitive touch control. Ultra low current harmonic to protect electrical devices from electromagnetic interference. Energy saving and long operating life. Compatible with 99% of light bulbs on the market today. Load capacity : incandescent light bulb 600W , CFL150W , LED150W/120V. The product features 1) Initial brightness controller of 270° precise adjustment. 2) Warped plate power switch sits flushed and leveled with the surface when switch is off, which is easier for users to distinguish the ON/OFF status of the product according to the obvious appearance differences than most similar products on the market today. 3) Lighting brightness slide controller with haptic feedback at 50% brightness to help users to control the brightness faster and more intuitional. 4) Fast and easy replaceable top cover meets users’ needs of multiple color choices. 6) Slim profile benefits fast and easy installation, universal for all electrical boxes.

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