The perfect fit “What everybody’s waiting for to provide greater safety and convenience for all” Simon 24 Harmonie is a revolutionary mechanism that brings better protection to everyone: greater safety, quicker to install and more convenient for everyone (both installers and users). Thanks to its Push & Go system, with instant snap fitting between parts and screwless connection, you save 3 times the installation time. Regardless of box or wall condition, Simon 24 enables safe and permanent anchorage (forever), with no need for a screwdriver. No more sockets out of the wall or disconnected. New Push & Go System The force applied to the wall by the teeth of the new Push& Go System prevents the mechanism from coming loose. No power points will become detached even with intensive daily plugging and unplugging. If you try to pull it away, the teeth apply even more pressure and so stay fixed even firmer. When installing conventional mechanisms, it’s fixing or screwing on the clamps that takes the most time. So this is minimised as far as possible. It won’t come away from the wall over time and there are no screws to work loose. Winner of the iF 2016 award

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