Reduction as statement
Timeless, elegant and consistent

Seamless in every detail: purism in its simplest form is required from the skirting board to the door frame to the window frames. With LS ZERO, the new switch range with an aesthetic appeal, JUNG has now developed the appropriate design components to perfect the uniformity of the interior.

The innovative installation technology enables the flush-mounted installation of JUNG‘s classic LS 990 switch range in furniture as well as brickwork or drywalls and opens up fascinating design opportunities in terms of consistency and sophistication.
The installation is carried out in conventional device boxes, with a uniform, narrow frame and a special recessed adapter which forms a firmly bonded connection with the surface and thus guarantees consistency down to the last detail.

Creating timeless elegance in alpine white and light grey or flexible nuances in the 26 colours of the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier palette, JUNG offers switches and sockets, rotary and touch dimmers, KNX push-button sensors F40 and F50 as well as the new JUNG indoor video and audio stations in the LS ZERO range.

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