The Invisible switch is an elegant touch button switch that consists of 4 touch zones with individual colour LED feedback (KNX) or white LED feedback (12-24V AC/DC). This switch is made out of composite materials. This fire resistant and paintable material makes that the switch is really invisible.
When you touch the switch, you will notice an elegant edge lightning and the LED feedback will light up brighter. This LED lightning can also change of colour.
Thanks to its pre-drilled screw holes, its large mounting surface and its rounded second level, the Invisible is fast and easy to install and plaster. The invisible meets the highest finishing standards and is suitable for all surfaces (brick/plasterboard/concrete), which creates a uniform look for every project. Temperature sensor is included in the INVISIBLE switch
Due to the fact that you can easily paint the switch you can integrate this switch when you are redecorating.

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