The double insulated position switch IN65 is used for position monitoring of movable parts and safety doors on machinery and systems in order to protect people, machinery, manufactured product and environment. The design is modular. Housing, actuator and switching system can be combined individually whereby production times can be reduced. Instead of using screws as usual, a metal mounting clip is used to fasten the actuator element to the housing. Thanks to the metal mounting clip, the actuator can be rotated tool-free in 45-degree steps and changed within a very short time. Due to the metal elements the IN65 is extremely robust and long-lived. At the same time it offers the economic benefits of a plastic switch. The colour of the IN65 is adapted to the corporate design of BERNSTEIN AG. Thanks to the system module consisting of different contacts and actuators as well as its standard dimensions the IN65 can be used for position monitoring in virtually any industrial application.

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