Hager Dream is a full range of switches, sockets and other functions with flush-mounted mechanisms and a full-face frameless cover. Frameless design marks the new direction for Hager switches. Hager Dream offers an impeccable design with maximum switching space and a wonderful user experience. The most striking characteristic of Hager Dream is the switch rocker ring which provides the flexibility to change colours and textures. At the same time, the low profile white LED indicator at the bottom of the switch signals the location of the switch with no disturbance when out of use. The Hager Dream program is available in white, elegant gold and interstellar grey plastic. It also offers a full face frame depth of 10.2mm and matt grey ring. The silver printed Hager company logo boosts the quality feel of the product. Regarding ecological compatibility, we have used recyclable materials in a small proportion (10%). Of course all the disposal materials will be recycled. About durability, our specified life span is 10 years thanks to the quality of the materials used.

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