«Florence» by OneKeyElectro: a product line of wiring accessories

OneKeyElectro is part of SST Group — one of the world’s largest electric heating cable producers founded in 1991.
The in-house Design Department of SST Group designed a brand new range of wiring accessories “Florence”. Design has been inspired by masterpieces of the Renaissance epoch.
The great architect Brunelleschi, who created the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral, had proved that the art of engineering together with design is able to conceive absolute masterpieces. The famous dome gained recognition as a symbol of the Renaissance epoch.
The general idea for «Florence» was to follow the tradition of classics, harmony of proportions and fill it with modern design and technologies. The line consists of switches, sockets, frames and dimmers.
All the line is made out of Polycarbonate plastic (PC) with matte finish. Ideal proportions, original shape, gorgeous matte surface are the key features of our «Florence» line. All items are available in 4 colors – white, beige, grey and black. The product launches on the Russian market after 14 November 2016 and it is positioned in the low-cost segment.

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