Eyeswitch is an elegant and handy iPad mount with integrated charger and a dedicated LAN connection which is combined with an 8 fold KNX Intensity touch button.
Slide one of the current iPads horizontally or vertically in place and in a few seconds your iPad becomes wall-mounted. Thanks to the KNX switch you can easily operate your KNX home automation, even when the iPad is not present.
It is easy to demount the iPad and supporting bracket while maintaining a sleek designer look thanks to the Tense Intensity switch 8 fold.
This functionality makes the Eyeswitch unique and different to products in the same category. The easy fixing and removing of the iPad in the Eyeswitch allows you to keep using your iPad as it was designed to be used. You are not forced to fix it in the wall. The Eyeswitch will retain its discrete aesthetics, even when the iPad is removed, thanks to the elegant Tense Intensity switch.
This product will be available in all metal types, Corian® and even wood.

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