The CoolTouch is an smart and stylish switch. Now most traditional switches can not be connected,but this switch is more intelligent.In addition to controlling by mobile phone,this smart switch has a built-in human-body sensor,which can turn off and on automatically according to whether a person pass or not.It also has three kinds of timing closure function that you can set the 2/10/30 minutes time via three gestures.And its original gesture technology can allow you to loosen your fingers until you moved to the button you want to press,which will avoid wrong operations.Moreover it is a alarm clock.Through supports of the Amazon Echo,the switch can not only be controlled by voice,but also opens air conditioner automatically by human-body sensor.Truly,it has realized the intelligent interconnection.In addition,Glass surface of nano-coating makes the product more smooth without fingerprint.And the button is equipped with a breathing light and gives comfortable touch feeling to users.Contrast with traditional switches,this switch has different styles for decoration including simplicity Modern high-tech style, New China style,British retro style,European Crown,Mediterranean style .

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