XFINITY Homehub (XHH1 Home Hub)

The XHH1 Home Hub is the parietal lobe of the XFINITY Home line of security and connected home devices. It receives sensory data from connected cameras, thermostats, and a multitude of sensors and touch points, providing safety and comfort information to users in a clear and concise UI and mobile app. The 7″ touchscreen features a gradient perimeter fret line that blends the physical and digital aspects of the product together, relaying the care taken to ensure both work in harmony. The physical design of the XFINITY Home product family aims to blend into the home environment, drawing inspiration from furniture and housewares rather than consumer electronics. Logos, branding and functional features such as venting, and ornamental design details have been subdued, simplified, or eliminated altogether to create an elegant device that looks at home in any room. <870 characters with spaces>

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