The delicate water leak sensor is with rounded edge industrial design. Different from conventional products, no wiring or screws is required and no installation is needed; you can simply place it where you want to monitor water leaks. Connected through ZigBee protocol, the water leak sensor sends signals to the gateway which sounds the alarm locally and notifies you on the phone when the water leak sensor is triggered.
The automation can be created through the APP with a water leak sensor, sub-devices (smart outlet for instance) and gateways. The smart outlet will cut off the power supply and turn off the solenoid water valve to stop water leak immediately if the water leak sensor detects water. You will be notified on the phone in real time and you will have enough time to solve the water leak problem. The water leak sensor has passed the IP67 rating and it is durable and longer-lasting in various scenarios.
We apply the button battery that lasts over two years and the anti-UV material for the water leak sensor. It is our goal to provide a cozy and smart home life for every family, which also contributes to the care of the environment.

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