Smart Home Security Kit consists of a camera, a motion sensor, a door & window sensor, and a wireless switch. It functions as a fine art masterpiece framed within the concept of “small yet beautiful” design. It is easily installed, requiring no wiring, resulting in a reduction of the construction cycle and costs. In a mere three minutes, you can connect the camera to the internet, locate and mount sensors in place.
The camera is the center piece of the entire system. It communicates to three other sub-devices via ZigBee and synchronizes to the cloud and phones through Wi-Fi, giving a stable and reliable connection. Outside the home, simply tap the wireless switch to activate the alert mode, and monitor the home in real time. The camera, the door & window sensor, and the motion sensor immediately captures and sends images to your phone and the alert mode signals when someone breaks in or forces open the windows or doors of your home.
It saves 20% – 40% energy costs by using these outstanding smart home functions. It is our mission to provide a secure and smart home life for every family, which also contributes to the care of the environment, while still guarding your home.

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