The wireless hand-held transmitter has a flat and handy shape, very similar to a smartphone. When the screen is switched off, the border between the display and the housing is blurred. The black shiny surfaces become one unit.
The display is activated automatically when the hand-held transmitter is picked up, as the unit responds to vibration. The well-arranged screen surface provides an overview for the operation of up to 32 radio components. Selecting, switching, positioning or dimming is made with a finger’s touch.
The Remo pro is specifically designed for the wireless protocol of Elsner Elektronik. The remote control can be used with all Elsner RF devices, such as building controls, dimming modules and wireless motor control units. The Remo KNX communicates according to the KNX RF standard and can therefore be used for various functions in the non-proprietary KNX building bus system.

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