PIN Genie Smart Lock is an ergonomically designed electronic lock that uses a patented PIN Genie Peek-proof digital LED touchscreen. The screen shuffles numbers 0-9 into groups of 3-digits positioned on four touch buttons. To unlock, key-in a pre-programmed 6-8-digit door code and press unlock button. Over Bluetooth connection, unlock the door via PIN Genie Smart Lock apps. The screen reshuffles after each use, thus leaving no traces of door codes on either phone or touchscreen, making it peek-proof and impossible for anyone to spy and steal your codes.

Unlike other smart locks, PIN Genie’s peek-proof touchscreen is conveniently 11° angled to bring comfort to the eyes, fingers, and wrists when unlocking. It is discreetly equipped with finger scanner and a metal key slot for kids and elderly access. Designed for DIY installation to fit most standard doors.

Create & share up to 8 door codes to family and guests. Remotely give access, control and monitor door activities via apps.

PIN Genie offers security and convenience of a peek-proof keyless door lock. You would never have to worry about stolen codes and unauthorized door access with PIN Genie Smart Lock

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