Nuimo is a Natural User Interface (NUI), which allows you to have a more seamless and natural smart home experience, or more precision control over your creative work. Nuimo is wireless and freely programmable controller that can connect to the devices you love including your smart speakers, lights, thermostats or computer. It has 4 inputs including a click button, gesture recognition, capacitive touch surface and 360 degree ring and uses a hidden 9×9 LED matrix for visual feedback. Thanks to an open platform, each of these inputs can be easily mapped to control popular devices including Sonos, Philips Hue, Nest or Spotify and more. Nuimo is designed to elegantly blend into your home interior, giving the entire family access to their smart home the way a graphical user interface (like the smart phone) cannot. Nuimo is communal, allowing users to keep their attention on people around them – taking away layers of menus. Nuimo’s inputs mimic the simplicity of a light switch or radio dial, making it intuitive to use. Nuimo was created alongside local German manufacturers using specially developed production techniques to achieve excellent tactile feel and user experience.

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