The Moorgen Smart Control Switch is able to control the curtains, lighting, background music, air conditioning system, floor heating system and home theater. Unlike the traditional switch, this smart control switch can activate and achieve the scene control. For example, if you activate the sleep mode at night, the light in the bedroom will dim gradually, the curtains will close slowly, and the room temperature will gradually change to a comfortable temperature.
The light of the written words on the switch can be automatically adjusted by the detection of light by the built-in sensor. The content and font size of the words on the switch can be engraved with customized design based on specific user habits.
The switch features a simple and organic design with a variety of choices of different materials and colors, enabling the switch itself to blend in with the interior space. The switch also features the use of different combinations including the single, double and triple combinations. Users can freely achieve the combination of different uses according to the interior decoration style, color and requirements for the functions to achieve their intelligent daily life.

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