“Midea Home” is a Smart Home Controller. It’s very important central device as Smart Home Solution based on the Midea strategy slogan of “Science and Technology Create a Better Life”. It can achieve interactive control of Smart Home equipment and scene according to users’ requirements through Deep Learn, Graphic Recognition, Voice Recognition and Sensor System. So that users could enjoy convenient and interesting smart home life.
1. It can achieve local and remote interactive control of smart home appliances based Voice Recognition and Sensor System technology, including Air Conditioning, Air Purifier, Humidifier, Electric Fan, Electric Heater, Water Heater, Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Small Appliances, etc.
2. It has Graphics Recognition technology that can identify user’s gestures and face information and has built in high-definition camera which can make Video Call, or Security Monitor when users are away from home.
3. Midea Home can communicate with you like a friend, and play music (Hi-Fi sound), broadcast news, and place shopping orders, call Uber cars, order takeaways and so on. It can be said that Midea Home is kind of your family personal assistant.

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