Lumos is a smart home hub specially designed for your night stand. This product integrates functions of multiple devices that people often use in the bedroom, including reading light, alarm, speaker, radio, wake-up light, white noise machine, etc., and puts them inside a voice-controlled smart home hub.
Lumos’ compact design combines multiple devices into one, saving space on your night stand while making it look neat & nice.
Different parts of this product can be lit up to give best experience when used as reading light, night light or wake-up light.
The control of Lumos is designed to be very easy. By pressing or tapping the entire top area, one can turn the device on and off eyes shut.
The voice pick-up, output,cooling and response display functions are perfectly integrated in the bottom metallic base for a sleek look that fits in any bedroom decor style.
Also, the base can be hidden to save space, thus transportation size and cost can be reduced.

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