L5 is a domestic false ceiling designed for the kitchen and bathroom environments.

The system, designed by Habits, creates a visual continuity of the technical elements in the environment: the different modules may be used by the interior designer / architect to create a graphic layout that goes beyond the function, and trace visual guidelines in the environment, establishing a rhythm for the eye that takes part of the interior project.

The L5 system integrates and coordinates for the first time different modules in an aesthetic and geometric project: air treatment, light diffusion and sound blend together within the architecture and are controlled by a centralized gestural based wall-mounted unit.

The aim of the project is to combine these functionalities in ceiling modules of the same dimension, designed to be connected and interlocked, supporting everyday activities inside the home. When the air, warm or cool, reaches the desired temperature for an optimal thermic comfort, a subtle light feedback is offered; the light, spot or diffused, is conceived to create an ad hoc scenarios; the premium quality sound integrates seamlessly with the other modules.

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