The elegant Junkers Control CT100 controller with a black glass, high tech finish makes a great impression with intuitive touch sensitive control and a user-friendly app. It enables heating and hot water to be remotely controlled from a smart phone or tablet computer. Three different modes of control are possible: Room temperature controlled, in connection with an outdoor temperature sensor or on the basis of local weather data from the Internet. The controller offers smart functions to save energy such as the function to detect whether anyone is at home. The app detects whether anyone is in the home and, if no one is there, it switches the heating to economy mode. The self-learning app also automatically adjusts the programmed functions to the user’s actual behaviour. The touch screen is particularly easy to install. An expert can install it in just a few simple steps in next to no time. With its simple, high quality design the Control CT 100 confidently finds it place in any modern home.

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