With the aim to make the connected home a reality for everyone, not just the technophiles amongst us, Hive Active Plug, Motion & Contact Sensors allow monitoring and interaction with the home from any device, anytime, anywhere in the world. Discreetly installed they provide reassurance with immediate information of activity in the home.

The visual design language and premium CMF creates a unique identity in the Smart Home space yet is suitably refined to blend seamlessly within the home environment. This design language is a key element to Hive’s brand values and elevates the user experience, through familiarity, with identifiable & consistent elements for user interaction during the on-boarding process and day to day communication.

Careful consideration to the layout of internal components and power sources, allowed for an innovative arrangement to prioritise excellent low power radio performance and informs the overall product silhouette to reduce the physical product volumes allowing for a more subtle installation within the home. 

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