The 2nd generation of the connected radiator valve Eve Thermo introduces capacitive touch control, integrated temperature display of the target temperature. Furthermore, Eve Thermo can be controlled via schedules, HomeKit automations, Siri, Apple Home and the Eve app. Eve Thermo features precise temperature control, frost damage protection and automatic valve maintenance. Energy-saving functions include open-window detection, presence detection and holiday automation. Eve Thermo includes all the features needed to keep rooms warm and comfortable, reliably, economically and automatically year round. As with all Eve family products, HomeKit is natively supported, meaning that Eve Thermo works right out of the box, without spending extra on a cloud-connected bridge device. The target temperature can be adjusted via a white-translucent LCD display and a capacitive touch control. The display is activated by a simple fingertip and switches off a few moments after the last input. Eve Thermo can automatically lower the temperature when the last person has left the house. This feature, based on the presence detection feature of HomeKit, is easily linked to other automations.

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