Elgato Eve is an app-powered monitoring system for your home comfort. Available in spring 2015, a complete range of Bluetooth Smart based Eve sensors gathers data on air quality, temperature, humidity, air pressure, energy and water consumption in your home. This data is then configured and displayed in Elgato’s Eve app. Users can gain insights that can help improve the comfort of their home, making their house a smarter place.
Eve Senses are extremely easy to install and use. They connect directly to your iPhone or iPad. Thanks to Bluetooth Smart technology pairing and setup are a breeze. You can start with a single Eve product or place senses in all of your rooms. Some Senses use replaceable batteries that last up to one year. Some senses are self-powered (Eve Water, Eve Energy). None of them uses a power cord.
The design and materials used for the Eve Senses perfectly match the looks of top-of-the line switch ranges from Busch-Jaeger, Gira and the like.

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