The Corlo Touch KNX 5in is a room controller for the KNX building bus system. The design of the device is matched to the Corlo switch system by Elsner Elektronik. The 5-inch real glass screen is installed on a switch box and serves as a display, touch switch and setting unit. In the KNX file of the Corlo Touch KNX 5in, scenes and logic modules are helpful for the intelligent and comfortable integration of the building technology.
The functions of the five automatic channels of Corlo Touch KNX 5in can be adjusted by the user at the display. The automatic controls shades, windows, heating/cooling and light. In daily use, the display is a switch for operating building installations, e.g. for dimming light or positioning blinds. Current information from the KNX system, e.g. room climate, weather or status messages, is also displayed. The internal icon library for labelling contains almost 200 symbols, own graphics can be imported via SD card.
With the version Corlo Touch KNX 5in WL with WLAN connection, browser content such as visualizations can be displayed and the Corlo Mobile App can be used on the smartphone.

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