Ceiba is a unified control center for all the Dynaudio wireless speaker.
It is elegant, powerful ,and smart. It is far beyond a traditional controller with strong nature language recognition capability.
With its 8 mic array, Ceiba can accurately identify users voice command within 5 meters, this range can be doubled when use talk to Ceiba via the handheld Bluetooth controller.Ceiba has a nick name: Dan, you can nearly tell Ceiba to do anything by simply say “Hello, Dan”.
Ceiba can stream thousands of music, broadcast and audio programs from different cloud music provider to your Dynaudio wireless speakers. If there are more speakers in your home and your family members have different music preferences, don’t worry, Ceiba can divide the speakers into different group and manage them to playback different tracks.But if there is only you at home ,you could also ask Ceiba to control all of your speakers to simultaneously play the same song, or even quickly set up a stereo system with two different speaker to upgrade your music experience.Ceiba could also play as a home assistant, it can speak the latest weather report, traffic information, or even tell your child a bedtime story.

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