The Busch-SmartTouch® combines the functions of home automation and indoor station door communication on a single monitor.
Using the colour display, it is possible to switch on or dim lights in the entire building, control the blinds or regulate the room temperature or create scenes using a combination of the functions mentioned above.
The Busch-SmartTouch® 7 forms the switching centre for the whole house, thus replacing individual devices such as timers, logic components or a temperature sensor.
Functions that provide not only enhanced comfort but also mean more security and efficiency for the building. Presence simulations or the storage of complex scenarios are just a few advantages of this device. The consumer can simply touch the panel to not only trigger individual actions, but also set and modify time programs.
The Busch-ComfortTouch® is a high-quality 17.78 cm (7“) touch colour display with 16:9 format and a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels.
The unit has a fan-free cooling design and does not require a mechanical hard drive to store the platform-independent operating system in the unit.

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