Finder’s B/ON is an innovative remote control for your Finder smart home system. It can be paired up via app to switch on/off or dim lights, control electric shutters, etc. Its Bluetooth Low Energy technology allows it to operate without batteries for an infinite amount of time, no recharging needed, ever!
The design has been developed for Finder by the Milan agency FOSSATI/MINELLI, which created a seamless round cylinder which attracts the user with its minimalistic yet friendly look. The product has been designed to be upgraded by combining two devices via the magnetic link. These creates a whole new object with a very distinctive look, which could be the perfect tech upgrade for a meeting room or a stylishly minimal house. The B/ON can sit on a table or desk and thanks to the magnetic link and adhesive paper, it is possible to attach it to any kind of surface, be it: metal, wood, glass, so that you can always have it right where you need it.
Thanks to the app it is possible to program the single button to create scenarios which activate multiple devices at once, in order to deliver the perfect environment for your mood or specific activity.

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