Antumbra is a new network control panel used as a replacement of traditional lighting switches. As Antumbra is a network device, it is used in conjunction with the Dynalite automation system to control multiple elements within an area together from a single button press, such as recall a lighting scene, open blinds & set temperature. The panel has built in sensors to detect when a user approaches and then the panel comes to life and greats the users with a wall wash lighting effect and reveals the button indicators. All lighting effects fade out as user moves away.

Hidden beneath the slick surface of the Antumbra panel are temperature, lighting level and presence detection sensors.
With in any modern building project multiple automation sensors are required to monitor an area to ensure a balance between occupancy comfort and energy management. Often to achieve this multiple sensor devises are required, creating whats call in the industry the ‘wall acne effect’. The Antumbra panel combines multiple hidden sensors with in one slick device. Combined with the network advantage of being integrated into the Dynalite system so that users do not need to interact with multiple panels.

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