Xesar & AirKey are the new innovative electronic systems of EVVA Sicherheitstechnologie GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers of locking systems in Europe.

The main target during the product development was – besides the aspiration to develop innovative products of high quality and high security – to create a system that also sets new standards in terms of design. The restrained and discreet looking products harmonise perfectly with all kinds of architecture.

The perfect symbiosis between design and technology:
-Reduced formal shape: Circles and straight lines represent the basis of the product design
-Colour and material code: Black surfaces cover the electronic readers, framed by metallic surfaces
-There is more behind EVVA: The EVVA logo is a small cover; a data interface for programming the devices is behind it.
-That’s unique: The electronic reader of the door escutcheon is not, as with many comparable products, mounted on the shield of the door escutcheon, but directly integrated into the contour.
-Adaptability: The wall reader is available in 18 different colour combinations; door handle, door escutcheon and cylinder can be ordered in 3 different finishes.

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