Building joints are indispensable for large-scale construction projects such as airports or shopping malls. Movements caused by differences in temperature, wind loads or even earthquakes must be compensated for by expansion joint covers in order to protect buildings and people. Joint widths vary from just a few centimetres to half a metre. The movement that such a joint has to absorb frequently amounts to ±50% of the joint width.

The Seismic Wall Cover WSP1 shown here is setting new standards in this respect. The 30 cm joint is covered by the WSP1 without any visible fastening material while its intelligent construction can accommodate ±15 cm movement non-destructively. A conventional joint cover solution would show a 62 cm wide visible surface made of metal and rubber. In contrast, the WSP1 reduces the visible surface to 2 x 7 cm by integrating a freely designable aluminium dibond panel. This offers entirely new design options for architects. For the first time ever, virtually invisible wall joints can be realized, or the exact opposite can be achieved: The joint can be intentionally highlighted as a functional design element, e.g. as a part of a building guidance system.

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