This grave called “Suitei” or “Water Garden” is a 3-staged basic platform divided into squares of equal depth. The left side and right side are also divided into three equal portions. This grave consists of 6 stone elements in total. That is, at the center of the uppermost stage, the cubic symbol is located. At the center of the lowermost stage, the lid stone of the cinerary space is located and at the center of the middle stage, the water stone is located, in which the water is poured in. As a new manner of visiting a grave, we recommend you to pour the water over the water stone first and then over the gravestone. Thus, the stone color changes from bright gray to dark gray, respectful and modest color. Since its foundation in Kamakura over 400 years ago, Ishichou Co. Ltd. has been designing and developing graves for many highly respected customers. We see many graves characterized by simple cubic symbols at famous temples of Kamakura. By dedicating ourselves to rediscovering the value of such cubic graves, we are planning, developing and manufacturing the graves featuring contemporary notes and moods, which may respond to the contemporary circumstances of cemeteries in Japan.

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