The 49-floor Warsaw Spire office tower is equipped with 12 Crane Schindler 7000 double deck elevators. Two modern elevator cabs are attached together one on top of the other in each shaft, totalling 24 passenger cabs. Mac Stopa and his team designed the elevator’s modern interiors using high quality finishes to reflect light inside the cab, optically enlarging the interiors. The cab’s side walls finished in light-reflecting black glass, polished stainless steel doors, and back wall opposite the stainless steel doors finished in high-quality mirrors and polished stainless steel handrail, create a stunning effect of an almost endless series of reflections. The ceiling consists of a single sheet of mirror with specially-designed LED lighting in the shape of a double Y. When the Y shape is reflected in the surrounding walls, it creates the illusion of an infinite hexagonal geometry on the ceiling and surrounding space. The geometry of the suspended ceiling gives the cube-shaped cab an organic vibe in harmony with the lobby’s modern organic interiors. The interiors of the Warsaw Spire elevator cabs generate a multitude of artistic expressions, wowing passengers riding in the elevators.

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