In the new Viva L series from Attika, the principle of mass customization is for the first time being seen to its full extent in the “stove” product segment.
The concept of product individualization offered by Attika under its “customized” label enables customers not only to choose between different colours and two overall heights, but also to decide whether or not the stove is to have side windows and a full-glass or a steel firebox door and whether the combustion air is to be supplied under automatic or manual control. Finally, a choice of three top plates and six different door handles allows the stove to be given very distinct characters. In addition to two stainless steel designs, handles are available in wood, silicone, Corian and leather, giving customers the option of tailoring their stove both technically and visually to their own personal requirements.
What all Viva L stoves have in common is a generously dimensioned firebox, the sophisticated combustion technology and the possibility of operation regardless of the ambient air. The high-grade materials used and the first-class processing guarantee a long product life.

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