Window-integrated, automatic air purification and oxygen supply –
the perfect solution for a healthy indoor climate by efficiently removing
harmful substances from the air:

Breathing clean air is a basic human need.
However, a high concentration of particulate
matter can have an adverse effect on health,
particularly in urban areas. This is why
Schüco has developed Schüco VentoLife,
an air purification system with a multi-stage
air purification filter that has been specially
designed to meet the needs of people living
in cities and urban areas.
Even in heavy smog, the smallest particulate matter is
removed. In recirculating air mode, too, the
air in the room is cleaned so effectively that
no further air purification devices are necessary.
Outside air is added as required by
means of a sensor-controlled flap in order
to achieve optimum air quality in the
building at all times. Integration in windows and façades satisfies the highest design requirements. The filter and ventilation
function does not depend on the type or use
of the room, paving the way for straightforward
use in residential properties as well as
office buildings.

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