The design element of smart security system Vcare derives from Mondrian’s famous grid painting, dividing into geometric scheme by red light line to form PI of the whole product series. Our design, which holds to the style of “extremely simplified” and concept of “natural beauty”, an better match cozy home atmosphere. Our product, which connects to mobile phone through Wi-Fi, has below significant features: 1. Alarm message be pushed promptly, real time monitor the site and manage the alarm in time. 2. Remotely observe the growing up process of kids, and can have conversation with them. 3. SOS “call for help” function for elders, by shaking mobile phone, 10 seconds video of their surroundings will be sent to family members and position of the elders are located by GPS. 4. The indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, climate and air parameters are monitored in real time.

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