The world’s first 100% concealed hinge folding door system removes visual distractions from the interior and exterior of folding doors by adding a middle pillar between 2 panels. Extra-large openings made easy thanks to the middle pillar designed for max. panel width up to 1100mm and max. frame height up to 3800mm.

The system features a concealed locking rod and locks into both the head track and sill. High security shoot bolts hold the doors firmly in place and superior locking cylinders for improved security.

The system is offered with thermally broken and insulated aluminium profile options for projects seeking LEED or Passive House designations and can meet the latest energy standards by providing outstanding thermal performance with innovative glazing.

It is a folding door system designed to withstand extreme weather conditions with superior water and air tightness thanks to the concealed hinge design. With add-on features like screens and integrated shades/blinds homeowners can enjoy inside-outside living without compromise.

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