Craster was given a brief to design a new tip box that would be an engaging, high quality tip receptacle that would provide an element of fun for customers showing gratitude for the service they have received. The customers’ experience would be enhanced, family members of all ages could enjoy taking part in its use, and hopefully tip numbers would increase.

Design Process:
A sculptural take on a helter-skelter concept had the most influence on the final design. Where possible Craster looked to imbue the product with core values of the Nando’s brand: especially important were the use of natural long lasting materials, subtle references to the Africo-Portuguese heritage of the brand through the organic form, and witty inscribed messages.

The final Tip Box now conveys a strong sense of fun and excitement. Both adults and children have been seen using it multiple times on one visit. The product celebrates quality, longevity, and the beauty derived from sculpted oak. Its form creates intrigue and joy. Functionally it is also working very well – the number of tips to staff has increased beyond expectation.

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