I’ve always had a strong desire for designing a clock. However, there are an excessively large number of liquid crystal clocks and analogue quartz clocks in the market. For this reason, I have to give it up… For some target audiences, glow display tube is a rather old component. Some people even have never seen such a thing in their life. Despite its antiquity, the glow display tube gives off dazzlingly bright luminance when it is lit up, whose charm is beyond description. When designing this clock, I was more inclined towards making it antique. For this reason, I especially selected an elm block for construction-use that has been stored for ages in the timber mill. Seen from its profile, the texture of the elm wood was especially suitable for covering the colors of the glow display tube. Firstly, I cut the wood block with a numerically-controlled machine tool, so that the hallowed-out position in the wood may seem to be a transparent capsule. The display tube stretches itself out from the other side of the wood block, which seems a long pipe that displays time is hanging there. The circuit is hided in the wood block. The covering plate was made of a carved bronze plate that had an

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