The urn that lives to remember
The tree remembers is recyclable and biodegradable urn to bury the ashes which are going to revive as a tree, a shrub or a plant to remember life. That helps a loved one to be part of the memory by giving a new life.
Designed by Grocs Estudi Creatiu (Vic, Barcelona) for Luckily (Terrassa) a funeral products manufactor and distributor. The tree remembers is made of cardboard fiber and cellulose.
Aside from being 100% biodegradable, it is completely flat. This feature guarantees easy and inexpensive transport. Due to its small dimensions and its reduced weith it could be distributed using low volume rates. Whatsmore there are no special needs for transport since it is a single package per unit.
When the tree remembers is unfolded, the urn box gains in volume and we could easily observe two different cavities: first one, which remains sealed is for the ashes. The second is the cavity for the land and the seed, the plant or the small tree.
The design of the urn comes from the idea of reviving the ashes. This is the aim of the urn, to achieve a new life in the nature from a lost one.

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