The motion detector „theLuxa“ fits in with any architectural environment. One reason for this is the new corporate design, whose basic idea is the perfect, almost invisible integration of the motion and presence detectors into the surroundings. Its completely new, „waisted“ shape, with clear edges contrasting with stretched surfaces, gives „theLuxa“ a flowing, light-weight appearance. The base seems to „suck“ itself on to the façade. The Theben logo is intentionally kept subdued, so as not to disturb the overall picture when the device is mounted. The harmonious and compact overall shape of „theLuxa“ sets it off from all competitors in the market. In order to achieve the harmonious overall shape, the ball joint for adjusting the detection area has been completely integrated into the casing. This way, the sensor head can be turned by 90 ° horizontally and 30 ° vertically, but without destroying the flowing lines by a visible ball joint. Instead, a chamfered ring connects the casing to the sensor. All details, even the lettering of the potentiometers,exhibit the high-grade quality of the label Theben.

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