Tears of the North Pole express the Arctic ice which is melting due to environmental pollution caused by indiscriminate development, and the present situation of polar bears in fear of life using the candle.
This tells that even now, the Arctic ice is melting and it is threatening lives of polar bears. The winter is getting shorter and shorter, and polar bears who cannot obtain food during the long summer, are at risk of disappearing in 50 years.
Now that the sign of global warming is appearing all around the world, this product was designed to awaken human being to the serious environmental pollution and to encourage them to practice action for saving the earth.

This is a pure vegetable soy wax made of soybean oil extracted from beans and it only uses less than 5 percent of paraffin to delivery design message.
Soy wax is a natural candle which has little possibility of discharging organic compounds, CO2 and cancer-causing agents when it burns, compared to the paraffin candle.
The wick also uses a natural material made out of wood, not a normal one containing lead.

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