BRANDX designed this booth for TAG Heuer brand awareness enhancement and customer engagement. The whole booth’s three thematic circular parts were connected together by one line, this line was also used as a visitors’ passage. For the three circular parts, one was brand history display wall, with a circular backdrop to fix visitors’ eyes in the range of whole screen. Upon rotating the button on pedestal, the 14-year brand history and products explanation gently slide out on the screen. One applied the entertaining cosmos game. Visitors were encouraged to dance at footprint area to play the moon discovery game on screen. And the footprint not only represented the grand development of Chinese aerospace business, but also showed congratulation from TAG Heuer to aerospace achievement and reflected the deep relationship between TAG Heuer and Moon project. And another circular part was to display TAG Heuer’s smartwatches. The Design’s futuristic sense and sense of time and space echoed with its theme of “space exploration, moon chasing”, making the whole unique booth a complete unity.

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