The typical suction cup works by the vacuum adsorption, however, it is really a matter beyond the control of human beings how to avoid air exudation from the edge. Making a comprehensive marketing survey, you can’t find any a similar prodcut can guarantee that it won’t fall from the wall where it sticks. In order to transform the old traditional suction cup to our Super Sticky Wallbug, we take the advantage of self-adhesive property from the material PU GEL, and give a new design of plastic part joint tightly with gel part. With this perfect combination, it minimizes the air factor to reduce its stickiness. Clean the sticky gel part by water if it gets dirty or less sticky. Re-sticky after dry. Apply to flat surfaces, like glass, tiles, stainless steel, cement, painted wall, .etc., as well as miner rough surface within 0.5mm height gap. No nails, no drilling required, and leaves no trace or mark on surfaces after removed With the replaceable hooks, you can change it as you wish to meet your different needs, also can combine with the existing products, like stainless steel kitchen shelves.

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