STORM SYSTEM® is profoundly unique, as it is the first and only system in the world to combine both lighting and technical products into one system. The collection consists of 17 fixtures: spots, pendants, speakers, surveillance cameras, smoke and motion detectors, air supply units and output canopies.

All the fixtures are equipped with a highly innovative and specially designed “snap lock technique”, making it possible to simply “click” any chosen fixture into the same installation ring.

The entire product line is distinguished by being as minimalistic as possible, and is produced using only materials of the highest quality, such as aluminum, brass, wood, glass, concrete and leather.

Furthermore the system is carefully designed to be mounted flush with the surface of any ceiling or wall, and will appear with an absolute minimum of tolerance and visibility, making it
possible to minimize the number of visible components in both ceilings and walls.

STORM SYSTEM® – a truly flexible system combining technology and high-end esthetics.

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