Somfy One is the world’s first voice-controlled all-in-one smart home security solution.
With advanced AI and smart sensing capabilities Somfy One was created to make home security a seamless and innovative experience.
In a single device, Somfy One harbors the power of a complete security solution with video surveillance, intrusion detection, integrated siren, and central alarm.
Designed to become part of one’s home interior and to transform Home Security daily use, Somfy One curves are both bold and reassuring. Modern and minimalist, the round curves embody family protection as a safety cocoon, while the helmet form inspiration represents robustness and strength.
The user interface has been developed as a whole — the musical sounds, used both by the device and smartphone notifications, provide intuitive understanding of system activity and a coherent user experience. A soft light irradiates out of the device, highlighting its intelligence.
Somfy One features also a motorized mechanical shutter that completely covers the camera lens and prevents any image viewing or recording when users are at home.
Through simplicity Somfy One becomes part of everyday peace of mind.

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