Socket is the necessities of any household. When people get used to poorly designed and unsafe power strip, ORVIBO trys to design a socket that drives a balance between beauty and safety.
With the goal of designing an artwork and the philosophy of ‘Suffient design and natural intellengence’, the design of Smart Socket is concise and restrained. We adhere to the functional design and purse the perfect combination of appearance and function.
In terms of functions, Smart Socket connects to WiFi networks and works with App called ‘HomeMate’. Users can turn the power on/off even when they are not at home. Morever, users can set schedules to it to have home appliances working on the schedules. You can set schedules to them and even set scenes to turn on a group of home appliances.
In term of safety, Smart Socket has overload protection and electric-shock safeguard design, ensuring safe electricity usage.
Smart Socket has made profound impovements on appearance, function and user experience.

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