Push & Pull mini main key is a door lock, installed on front doors of offices and homes, which allows entry by simple actions of pushing and pulling the door handle, a more convenient method than having to grab and turn the door handle. By applying the fingerprint recognition method and smart phones’ unlock concept which is the first concept in the industry.
It is Fire-resistant design products and applies user friendly UI to set up and tightens up security level through Double checking function (CARD + PIN# or Finger print + PIN#) and 3D touch function.
The key pattern lighting, displayed gently on the metal material when approached, enables the experience of an emotional bond between a user and the product.
The design points of the product are conciseness and simplicity as a “smart” product applying a circular key shape made of a real metal material. The product strives to raise the degree of completeness as its design focuses on the metal-feel finishing centered on usability and aesthetics.

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