This vertical & desktop surge protector is designed for those living in US, UK and EU. With attractive design, it is 5.7 inches high only, which solves the space waste problem. Its multi-functional, multi-angle and multi-type charging mode also provides a small space as a charging centre for office and home.
There is a separate switch for each layer to save electricity. Also, six total output intelligent USB charging ports and each USB port has an intelligent identification chip and indicator light, which is consistent with the design of light through the use of a photosensitive LED and can automatically adjust the brightness throughout the day, similar to a night light.
A safety door surge protection has been built-in to protect people from inappropriate operation of electric shock. Also, the AC sockets can be replaced with US, UK, EU and China’s standard outlets, which saves mold costs.
It is made of V0 class fire resistant PC without spray painting process, which is environmentally-friendly. Built-in short circuit, overload, overheat, over current protection and 1500 joules lightning surge protection protects your equipment.

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